Information for Precinct Chairs

2023 Precinct Organization – Precinct Packet

Precinct Organizing Best Practices

1: Identify other Democratic voters

In order to build any organization you need people, and that means identifying others who are willing to help.  Try to identify at least ten people in your precinct. Votebuilder is the best tool for this. Voter demographics by precinct from the Alamance Board of Elections HERE Previous Election Results HERE

2: Successful elections are all about addition and multiplication!

Once a core group of Democrats has been identified, what should they do?  Why, identify other Democratic voters of course.  If you don’t know how to use VoteBuilder trainings are available through the NCDP’s Building Blue programs

3: Inform and mobilize precinct volunteers

Once a list of Democratic voters has been put together, the next step is to inform them and get them involved. If you would like information about your precinct meeting promoted on the ACDP FaceBook page please send details to

4: Stay informed and connected

Keep up to date on current events in the county and identify potential projects and opportunities for activism – and pass the information on to others. Join ACDP members for our monthly meetings, follow ACDP on social media and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Importance of Sustaining Fund

Donation Link for Sustaining Fund

The Sustaining Fund truly lives up to its name because it is the money that keeps our party functioning. A brief list of some of the services provided to county parties by these funds are: 

• Provide Votebuilder to County Parties • Maintenance and Updating of NC Party’s Website • Organize and Conduct Training for Party Officers, Activists & Volunteers • Development of Literature on Democratic Issues and Message • Provide Mobilize for County Parties 

Votebuilder gives the party the ability to build a grassroots organization, disseminate information, recruit and train candidates, employ staff and volunteers, maintain a voter file, support and advise Democratic elected officials and party officers at all levels. 

Sustaining Fund Goals for Precincts

Precinct Name Sustaining Fund Goal Number of Delegates to County Convention

Albright $62.32 6

Boone 5 $92.36 16

Burlington 4 $35.96 8

Burlington 5 $39.48 8

Burlington 6 $34.06 7

Burlington 7 $82.82 22

Burlington 8 $41.10 9

Burlington 9 $33.90 6

Burlington 10 $39.58 8

Central Boone $46.34 9

Coble $71.20 7

East Burlington $32.36 7

East Graham $46.62 10

Faucette $50.38 5

Graham 3 $51.26 13

Graham 4 $89.16 16

Haw River $71.30 15

Melville 3 $67.20 10

Melville 4 $44.58 11

Morton $75.92 8

North Boone $66.20 14

North Boone 2 $13.76 4

North Burlington $65.44 19

North Graham $49.42 11

North Melville $69.94 13

North Newlin $56.62 9

North Thompson $47.34 9

Patterson $72.92 7

Pleasant Grove $65.94 14

South Boone $142.92 30

South Burlington $24.46 6

South Graham $63.10 11

South Melville $120.40 27

South Newlin $30.20 4

South Thompson $92.38 16

West Boone $59.42 11

West Burlington $40.76 10

West Graham $22.26 4

My Precinct is Organized, Now What?

This Party Leader training session will cover everything you need to know to be an effective Precinct Chair. Learn tools and tips of the trade about building an inclusive precinct, developing relationships within your precinct, and what it really takes to get your neighbors to the polls!

Watch the Training Read the Guide

Resources for Precinct Officers

2023 Precinct Organization – Precinct Packet

Precinct Demographics

Upcoming Webinars

Training & Organizing Office Hours Here

National Democratic Training Committee

Stronger NC

Democracy for America


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