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Our Alamance County Democratic Party Goals

The primary goal of the Alamance County Democratic Party (ACDP) is to elect qualified Democrats at all levels of government including national, state, county, and municipal. As Democrats, we believe in increasing the quality of life for all citizens through shared efforts and supporting the democratic principles and ideals of a strong economy, educational opportunity, a clean environment, human rights, criminal and social justice, access to healthcare, public safety, and voting rights.
ACDP seeks to achieve this goal through multiple means, including voter registration, educating registered and potential voters, supporting individual campaign efforts, recruiting qualified candidates, volunteers, poll workers, and poll judges per state Board of Elections guidelines, obtaining and providing financial support, and maintaining open communication with all constituents. The majority of Alamance County voters are registered democrats and ACDP seeks to maintain this majority through consistent outreach, education, and engaging volunteers who support Democratic ideals.

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