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NC Democratic Party Trainings

Building Blue HERE

Here you will find the guides to review after the trainings. We hope these educational sessions will introduce you to new concepts, give you tools that will help you and introduce you to our staff that will be fighting alongside you this cycle. The webinars are held on Zoom, a video calling platform and will be recorded and posted for you to watch at your convenience.

Weekend Training Series Materials here.

Municipal Training Series here.

VoteBuilder for Phonebanking

Join the North Carolina Democratic Party for a deep dive into Votebuilder for Phonebanking.

This class is part of our Organizing Skill Series and participants will learn best practices for universe selection, how to pull, save, and share lists, and we’ll then take those lists and learn how to set up online virtual phonebanks. We will also cover how to recruit, train, and engage your volunteers for phonebanking, and we’ll talk about how to manage paper lists and re-enter data if you’re not using a virtual platform.

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Votebuilder & MiniVan for Canvassing

Join the North Carolina Democratic Party for a deep dive into MiniVan.

Door-to-door canvassing is one of the most effective tactics for voter contact, and the backbone of our field organizing strategy. Instead of spending millions of hours cutting and printing turf packets and re-entering data, join us as we take a deep dive into the MiniVan app. We’ll learn how to cut and send turf to MiniVan apps, how to actually use the MiniVan app to canvass our neighbors, and effective tips for training your volunteers.

Watch the Training

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