ACDP News August 25, 2020

69 Days Until Election Day Mobile & Print List of 2020 Democratic Candidates HERE Scott Huffman for U.S. Congress From DemCast Why are you running for office? Because the Working Class and Middle Class are not represented in Washington DC. What is the biggest issue facing your community and how do you propose helping?Health Care &Continue reading “ACDP News August 25, 2020”

ACDP News June 21,2020

134 Days to Election Day Scott Huffman for US Congress District 13 Scott’s involvement in his community has energized and renewed the hope that government can work for the many, not just those at the top. His service to our country is grounded in his working class upbringing. Scott believes our government can be fairContinue reading “ACDP News June 21,2020”