ACDP News July 26, 2020

99 Days Until Election Day Scott Huffman U.S. House of Representatives District 13 People ask me why I am running. I am one of three children who was raised by a working class, single mother who worked as a truck stop waitress for tips. Growing up, we never knew the struggles our mother faced daily.Continue reading “ACDP News July 26, 2020”

ACDP News July 20, 2020

105 Days Until Election Day Action Required Today by 5 p.m. New State Mandates on Early Voting We are encouraging everyone to send the following message to the Alalmace Board of Elections today at this address : I urge the Alamance County Board of Elections to meet the new state emergency order on weekendContinue reading “ACDP News July 20, 2020”

ACDP News July 7, 2020

118 Days Until Election Day Please sign this petition today! The BoE is meeting later today and we need them to know how much support there is. Adopt Sunday Voting and Expand Voting Sites to Include N. Burlington Please sign the petition HERE and remember to say you live in Alamance in the comment box.Continue reading “ACDP News July 7, 2020”