ACDP News July 19, 2020

106 Days Until Election Day Council of State Jen Mangrum Superintendent of Public Instruction The North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction is the elected head of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and oversees the public school systems of the state. “A public education should be the ultimate opportunity for every child in North Carolina, no matter what neighborhood they live in, orContinue reading “ACDP News July 19, 2020”

ACDP News June 29,2020

126 Days till November 3 Council of State Jen Mangrum for Superintendent of Public Instruction In 2018, Jen campaigned for NC Senate. One of her biggest motivations was making public education a priority in the General Assembly. During the campaign, Jen met extraordinary educators and community advocates from all over the state. Jen became aContinue reading “ACDP News June 29,2020”