ACDP News August 10 , 2020

84 Days Until Election Day Eric Henry NC House District 64 Eric on Community A community cannot be successful unless everyone in that community has an opportunity to participate in it. This belief is the backbone of my drive to build connections and see everyone have a chance to make positive contributions to our city,Continue reading “ACDP News August 10 , 2020”

ACDP News July 16, 2020

109 Days Until Election Day North Carolina State Legislature Eric Henry, Candidate for NC House 64 More info about Eric Here About Eric: Eric Henry has strong ties to Alamance County, where he’s lived since he was four years old. A thread that has stayed consistent since his youth there growing a vegetable garden behindContinue reading “ACDP News July 16, 2020”

ACDP News June 29,2020

126 Days till November 3 Council of State Jen Mangrum for Superintendent of Public Instruction In 2018, Jen campaigned for NC Senate. One of her biggest motivations was making public education a priority in the General Assembly. During the campaign, Jen met extraordinary educators and community advocates from all over the state. Jen became aContinue reading “ACDP News June 29,2020”

ACDP News June 25,2020

130 Days to Election Day Our Candidates for State and Local Office Are Already Working In Our Community Our candidates are at every march, rally, vigil and meeting. They are out here listening and talking, learning about what matters most to us. They have started and supported initiatives to feed our community members, deliver suppliesContinue reading “ACDP News June 25,2020”

ACDP News June 22,2020

133 Days to Election Day NC House of Representatives The North Carolina House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the General Assembly of North Carolina. Alongside the North Carolina State Senate, it forms the legislative branch of the North Carolina state government and works alongside the governor of North Carolina to create laws and establish a state budget. Legislative authority and responsibilitiesContinue reading “ACDP News June 22,2020”


State Convention TODAY! Join North Carolina Democrats for our virtual State Convention Today Visit to register! Unity Healing Rally Sunday June 7, 2020 form 2:00pm – 4:00pm Hosted by Eastern Woodland Lacross, MMIW NC Coalition, Alamance NAACP, 7 Directions of Service on Sunday, NCDP Native American Caucus, Red Hawks American Indian & Cultural Awareness Inc Mebane Community Park550 W. CenterContinue reading “ACDP NEWS”