ACDP News August 4, 2020

90 Days Until Election Day District Court Judges There are a total of four seats for our District Courts on November 3 we can vote for 3 candidates. Our candidates are not running “against” each other. They are each running for a different seats on the Court. District courts hear cases involving civil, criminal, juvenile,Continue reading “ACDP News August 4, 2020”

ACDP News June 28,2020

127 Days to Election Day Doug Green for District Court Judge Meet Doug Green. He is running for the open seat 3 on our November ballot. Judge Larry Brown, seat 2 and Katie Overby, seat 4 are also running to retain their seats on the Court. Judges Brown and Overby are running unopposed. It’s importantContinue reading “ACDP News June 28,2020”