Shall We Hit the Ground Running??

YES, I say!!

We just had a successful convention and now it is time to get to work! My thanks to each of you again for inviting the candidates to speak at your precinct meetings. And many, many thanks for your support and votes today. I intend to do my very best to measure up to the confidence you have placed in me.

It was exciting for me to see the organizing process at work successfully in March and to know that not only do we have a firmly committed group of people raring to go, but we have many more that each of us can, and will, bring to the table. One by one, two by two, each fanning out to encompass and embrace our Democratic neighbors and bring them into the fold. It will not be easy. It never has been. And now that we again are staring down the barrel of insidious voter suppression, we must be even more firm in our resolve to educate, register, and get out voters. Outreach and engagement are essential.

To do that, we need to work efficiently and effectively as a team, all of us. And, we need to be passionate about what we do as well as strategic. As I said routinely in the recent meetings, our precincts are the heart and soul, and to use Elliott’s word, backbone of our party. My job, as first vice chair of the party, is to make certain we do not forget that.  And that we make certain you have the support, guidance, knowledge, tools, resources, and personal attention you need to make you successful. If the precincts are successful, the party will be successful. And we will get the job done.  So outreach and engagement within the community are essential but first, outreach and engagement with each and all of you and your delegates and members are critical. Thus, you will hear from me regularly. And you must feel at ease and comfortable about contacting me at any time with any question or need, large or small: email, text, phone. If I do not answer immediately, be assured it will not be long before you hear back from me.

I will develop an in-depth strategic plan for outreach and engagement within/for the precincts and to educate, register, and get out voters. With Elliott’s approval, we will establish a Precinct Empowerment  Committee within the party and I am tasked with identifying a Precinct Empowerment Team that will help us set/reset the priorities of Precinct outreach and engagement as well as Voter outreach and engagement. I will call upon those among you with longstanding experience and those  who bring new perspectives and energy to the work. We will move forward together for success in Alamance County.  

Thank you again for successfully organizing and for a great convention today. I am honored to have been elected. 

I would appreciate your sharing this email with your delegates and other members with whom you communicate!

Warm best wishes,

Maryanne Shanahan

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