2020 Democratic Candidates

Federal Offices-

United States of America


Joe Biden,

Vice President

US SenateCal Cunningham,

House RepresentativeNC District 13

Scott Huffman


GovernorRoy Cooper,

Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Lewis-Holley

Attorney GeneralJosh Stein

NC AuditorBeth A Wood,

NC Commissioner of AgricultureJenna Wadsworth,

Insurance CommissionerWayne Goodwin

Commissioner of LaborJessica Holmes

NC Secretary of StateElaine Marshall

NC Superintendent of Public InstructionJen Mangrum

NC TreasurerRonnie Chatterji

North Carolina State Supreme Court

NC Supreme Court Chief Justice – Cheri Beasley

NC Supreme Court – Lucy Inman (seat 2)

NC Supreme Court – Mark Davis (seat 4)

North Carolina Court of Appeals

NC Court of Appeals Tricia Shields (seat 4)

NC Court of Appeals – Lora C Cubbage (seat 5)

NC Court of Appeals – Gray Styers (seat 6)

NC Court of Appeals – Ruben F Young (seat 7)

NC Court of Appeals – Chris Brook ( seat 13)

North Carolina State Senate

Senate – District 24 – J.D Wooten

North Carolina State House of Representatives

House- District 63- Ricky Hurtado

House – District 64 – Eric Henry

North Carolina District Court

NC District Court – Larry Brown (seat 2)

NC District Court – Doug Green (seat 3)

NC District Court – Katie Overby (seat 4)

Alamance County Board of Commissioners

Commissioner – Bob Byrd

Commissioner – Dreama Caldwell

Commissioner – Kristen Powers

Alamance – Burlington Board of Education

Board of Education – Donna Davis Westbrooks

Board of Education – Dayson Pasión

Board of Education – Seneca Rogers

Board of Education – John Coleman

Board of Education – Linda Roach Kinney

Board of Education – Paula Harrison

Board of Education – Patsy Simpson

Board of Education – Brian Feeley

Soil and Water Conservation

Soil and Water Commissioner Barrett Brown

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