Absentee Voting

It is definitely not too early to start planning how to vote in the 2020 election.

There are a couple ways to ensure that you will be able to cast your vote in that important election instead of waiting in line on Election Day: either request an absentee ballot or vote early.  

Here is a link to request an absentee ballot form in North Carolina.  It is not too early to do this.

You can also call our local Board of Elections at (336)570-6755 and request that they send you an absentee ballot request form.  Or, if you’d like to check your registration status or register to vote the TimesNews has this nifty little page. HERE

Early voting will start in North Carolina on October 15.  

You can do same day voter registration or make changes to your voter registration during early voting.

If you have a NC driver’s license or DMV-issued ID, you can also update your voter registration or register to vote at the link here.

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