2023 ACDP County Convention

Greetings ACDP County Convention Delegates:  

This is a reminder that our county convention is April 15, from 2 – 4 pm at the Paramount Theater, 128 E Front St, Burlington.  

 This is an in-person meeting with an option to join via Zoom.  

Please register to let us know that you are planning to attend, whether in person or via zoom.  

If you are planning to join by phone or video, you will need to register for a link.

All meeting information is available for viewing in this file. 

There may be updates to the file in the coming week.

I want to bring your attention to Rule 4.  If you are planning to join by zoom, please be in touch with your precinct chair or others who will be in the room.  

RULE 4. Credentialed Voting. Credentialed delegates are those whose names appear on the official delegates’ list submitted by the precincts and who have registered prior to the Convention call to order. The Chair may take voice votes, standing votes, or ballots for any and all votes. Delegates attending by Zoom must communicate their vote via chat and/or via communication (text or email) with their precinct representatives in the room, if there are any.  If a voice vote is used, any call for division must be sanctioned by delegates from twenty-five (25) percent of the precincts present. 

If you have questions, concerns or need more information please contact our First Vice Chair, Beth Kennett and she will respond as soon as possible. bpkennett@gmail.com

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