ACDP NEWS November 8, 2020

Chase & Cure Canvass

As you know Ricky Hurtado’s race is very close. He is currently ahead by a little less than 400 votes. There are about 800 provisional and problem ballots in District 63 that need to be fixed. Usually that involves an issue with the witness signature or address. We just received the mobilize links to sign up for chase and cure canvass (see below). Volunteers will have to go through a training first before canvassing . Time is of the essence! Please sign up below. Thanks!

Thank an Organizer and Then Become One.

Stacey Abrams has dedicated the last two years to registering voters and fighting voter suppression to finally flip Georgia blue.

–Democrat Raphael Warnock came in first place and is now moving on to a January run-off!

–Democrat Jon Ossoff will ALSO likely advance to a January run-off!

–And Joe Biden currently is leading by over 5,000 votes.

None of these results would have without Stacey Abrams registering voters and fighting voter suppression.

The Alamance perspective:

In two years, Ricky will be up for re-election and we’ll be voting on 2 new members of the Board of County Commissioners, a new sheriff, a US congressman and a new Senator. The work starts now.

From Dayson Pasión:

Alamance Burlington Equity Advisory Council

I told you I’m not waiting to get elected to do the work of creating a more equitable public education system for our students and families. Something that I talked about and proposed during the campaign is the formation of an equity advisory council that is community-led and would make recommendations to district leadership. So let’s get to work. It’s going to take all of us.

Use this link to sign up for more information:

Message from Elaine Berry

This is a thank you. It is a thank you to ALL our brave candidates who spent months working incredibly hard to earn the right to represent the citizens of Alamance. This is also a thank you to the many volunteers who worked tirelessly in a variety of ways to support those dedicated candidates.

It is also a congratulations to the Democrats who won election: Ricky Hurtado, NC House District 63; Larry Brown, NC District Court Judge District 15A Seat 02; Katie Overby, NC District Court Judge District 15 A Seat 04; Patsy Simpson, Board of Education; Donna Davis Westbrooks, Board of Education; and Barrett Brown, Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. We are so proud of you and happy for you.

It is also a plea for patience and for fortitude. We need to be patient and wait out the process as remaining votes are counted…and all votes should and must be counted. We also must have fortitude, especially our candidates. To run for office as a Democratic candidate in Alamance is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenge anywhere, but in Alamance County it is a 24-7 commitment where you will likely get attacked online, in person, in a newspaper, and even on signs by the roadside. Yet we ask that our candidates persist, that they learn from a loss, and they run again. And we pledge that once again we will support you whether it is with our dollars
or our time.
Forward together,
Elaine Berry

Change is Coming to Alamance.

Be Part of It!

Contact :

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