ACDP NEWS October 20, 2020

13 Days Until Election Day

One Stop & Early Voting Poll Greeter SIGN UP

Election Day November 3 – Poll Greeter SIGN UP

Slate of Democratic Candidates (1 Page) CLICK HERE

Slate of Democratic Candidates (2 per page) CLICK HERE

Early Voting Is ON!

Historicaly the first Friday and Tuesday of Early & One stop voting are least crowded so, hopefully the lines will be shorter than they were the first day. We’ll be getting some of the turnout numbers from yesterday up here as soon as they are available.

It is important to remember that most of the Republicans will be voting on Nov 3 so, stay focused on getting everyone you know to VOTE!

Turnout Update Votes Cast in Alamance Thru Oct 19 : 24,157
Total Votes cast by Dem 11,277 , Una 6,275 , Rep 6,529
Total Absentee ballots- 10,109 In person- 14,048
% of Registered voters in Alamance County have voted!

Ten Tips For Early & One Stop Voting

1.  Voters may cast a ballot at any early voting site in their county. For sites and hours, use the One-Stop Early Voting Site HERE

2. Sample ballots are available through the Voter Search tool: Sample Ballot for District 63 Sample Ballot for District 64

For more information on judicial candidates, view the State Board’s Judicial Voter Guide: Knowing your candidate choices in advance and being familiar with the ballot will help your voting experience go more quickly. For information about OUR judicial candidate HERE

3. Individuals who missed the regular voter registration deadline may register and vote at the same time during the early voting period. Same-day registrants must attest to their eligibility and provide proof of where they live. For more information, visit Individuals who missed the regular voter registration deadline may not register to vote by mail. Their only option at this point is to register in-person at an early voting site in their county.

4. Voters are strongly encouraged to wear masks, use hand sanitizer and adhere to social distancing guidelines at the polling place. For more COVID-19 precautions at voting sites, visit

5. Voters who receive an absentee ballot by mail may deliver their completed ballot to an election official at an early voting site in their county. Ballots will be kept securely and delivered to the county board of elections for processing.

6. Voters who requested an absentee ballot but have not yet returned it may vote in person during the early voting period or on Election Day, November 3. The Alamance County Board of Elections prefers voters to bring unused absentee ballots to the early voting site or their precinct voting location but by law voters may discard the by-mail ballot and do not need to bring it to a voting site.

7. To avoid long lines, voters should keep in mind that the busiest early voting days typically are the first and last days of early voting. Voters may find shorter lines during regular business hours.

8. The State Board asks that all voters respect the rights of others to participate in the election. Intimidating any voter is a crime. Voters who feel harassed or intimidated should notify an election official immediately.

9. Voters at one-stop early voting sites are entitled to the same assistance as voters at a voting place on Election Day. Curbside voting is available for eligible individuals at all early voting sites. For more information, visit

10. North Carolina law prohibits photographing or videotaping voted ballots. Voters may use electronic devices in the voting booth to access a slate card or candidate information, provided they don’t use the devices to communicate with anyone or take photographs of their ballot.

The first day (and last two days) of early voting is a crush. Otherwise, mid-week, early morning or late evening is your best bet. You can vote at any site in your county of registration.

Make Your Plan to Vote!

This data is from Wake County but we think you should expect that peak hours will be similar here in Alamance. This chart is for the first day of early voting


Alamance Democratic Party Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities, especially those that may be done at home, like phone banking.

We have determined that the best way for us to conduct phone banking GOTV is to work directly with the NCDP coordinated campaign. Some of you may already be working with them. If not, here is the link to sign up to make calls.

Sign Up HERE

WE need to do all we can in the next three weeks to ensure overwhelming turnout! 

One Stop & Early Voting

Thursday, October 15, 2020Saturday October 31,2020

  • Alamance County Office Annex Building (Auditorium)201 W. Elm St., Graham, NC 27253
  • Mebane Arts and Community Center 622 Corregidor St., Mebane, NC 27302
  • Holly Hill Mall 309 Huffman Mill Rd., Burlington, NC 27215
  • Kernodle Senior Activities Center 1535 S. Mebane St., Burlington, NC 27215
  • Elmira Community Center810 Wicker St., Burlington, NC 27217

Dates & Hours

October 15 – 16 Thursday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m October 17 Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
October 18 Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
October 19 – 23 Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
October 24 Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
October 26- October 30 Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
October 31 Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Three Governors’ Dinner

October 21, 2020 at 7:00pm

Purchase tickets HERE

This is ACDP’s biggest fundraiser of the year and it’s always a great event. Please join us as we celebrate our Three Democratic Governors: Bob Scott, Kerr Scott and Thomas Holt.

2020 has been a challenging year, but we will meet the challenge by working together to get our wonderful Democratic candidates elected. Your contribution to the Three Governors event will assist the ACDP in supporting the candidates in a myriad of ways, ranging from donations to their campaigns to producing slate cards.Thank you for your support through donations of timeand money to offset our expenses. Let’s turn Alamance Blue!

Read more about Sam Fulwood III HERE

Registration Required to Attend. Purchase tickets HERE

Democratic Women Virtual October Meeting

Tonight! at 6:30 PM

Meet all the democratic candidates for the Alamance Burlington School Board. In addition, there will be an update from the Board of Elections.

Sign up for a ride online HERE

Poll Greeters!

We need help for both Early & One Stop and also for Nov 3

An Added Incentive

From Jane Peppler: I’ll be poll greeting for the Alamance County Democratic Party at the City Office Annex in Graham lots of days starting Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I’ll be giving these signs away to voters who’ll text three of their reluctant friends and tell them to get out and vote. I even have the H-stands to stick them in the ground.

One Stop & Early Voting Poll Greeters

Please sign up to do No Contact Poll Greeting for Early Voting!

We have five locations that we need to staff for 17 days so if you can fill a shift or two it would be a huge help. We are particularly looking for people to help out at the Holly Hill Mall & Elmira locations.

We are lucky to have five One Stop & Early Voting locations this year:

Please feel free to contact Michelle if you have any questions on how we will be ensuring no contact. If you can only do a partial shift, please let me know and I may be able to find someone to cover the rest of the time.

Election Day November 3 – Poll Greeter Sign Up

Going to the polls can be very intimidating for some.

You can be the friendly face of the ACDP on November 3rd and hand out the list of Democratic Candidates to voters. We need to have a greeter at each of our 38 Precinct polling locations.  We can’t succeed without your help.  Sign Up HERE

Poll Observers Needed

The Republicans are going to be putting people at the polls to intimidate and challenge voters right to vote. Trump mentioned it in the debate again.

The Alamance County Democratic Party alongside NCDP and Biden/Harris Coordinated Campaign is recruiting poll observers to help monitor and report on possible irregularities at polling locations. This is different from poll greeting in that poll observers are there to record and report and help protect all voters. Trainings will be provided as well as PPE (masks, gloves, sanitation stations).If you are interested. Here’s an article about why this is so important HERE

Click here: If you have any questions, you can contact: Ernest Lewis, Jr., 3rd-Vice Chair. (; (336) 525-5442)

Yard Signs & Bumper Stickers are Here!

We have Biden signs again!

You can call 336 226 5005 or stop by the ACDP Headquarters at 122 South Main St, Burlington and pick up some yard signs for our local candidates.

Open 10am – 5:00pm Monday – Saturday.

We have signs for all of our Democratic candidates.

We also have a limited number of Biden barn signs. They’re BIG – 4’x8′

Anne Coulson put up 5 more huge Biden signs in Alamance today with help from Elliott Lynch.

Thank you to Anthony Lawson and his brother Coy for putting up Biden signs

Make a small donation if you can.

Proud Alamance Democrat Yard Signs

There are just a few left!

Stand up and stand out as a Proud Alamance County Democrat. We’re working for a better more inclusive Alamance for everyone. Order your sign Here Guidelines for political signs HERE

Join Our ACDP Voter Outreach Team!

Be a part of our Voter Outreach team and commit to helping your friends and neighbors get out the vote this election! In exchange for your generous donation, ACDP is offering these high-quality shirts to anyone interested in helping us get our message out that Your Vote Does Count! 2020 will be a pivotal election year and one of our top goals is ensuring that all individuals who have the right to vote can and will use it. Donate Here!

Don’t forget to vote for Barrett Brown!

He’s way down at the bottom of the ballot

Our Unprecedented Opportunity to Elect a Better State & Local Government.

Alamance County Chamber of Commerce Commissioners Forum
State and Local Government has the largest impact on our daily lives.

Information about our candidates for HERE

North Carolina General Assembly

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to vote for Ricky and some of us are lucky enough to be able to vote for Eric

Which District are you in? HERE

and we’re all lucky enough to be able to Vote for JD Wooten

Information about all our candidates for the NC Legislature HERE

JD Wooten for NC Senate

Our Candidates for Alamance School Board

There are four open seats on the Alamance County School Board and we have eight great candidates. Candidate information HERE

Don’t Forget the Judges!

Court of Appeals Vote for All Five

Read all our Supreme Court and Court of Appeals candidate Q&A’s HERE

NC Supreme Court, Vote for All Three

Read all our Supreme Court and Court of Appeals candidate Q&A’s HERE

For more information about our candidates click HERE

If you’d like to watch short interviews with the candidates for State Executive candidates and all the Judicial Candidates UNC TV has a series HERE

If you want to vote for Barrett you have to vote the WHOLE ballot.

Soil & Water Conservation is the last office listed.

1. Multi-Party Assistance Team

The Board of Elections is looking for folks to be part of Multi-Party Assistance Team (MAT). This is the team that goes into assisted living facilities and nursing homes to help people vote. The Board of Elections is looking for some Democratic help. Teams are composed of both Democrats and Republicans.

Contact the Alamance Board of Elections for details 337 570 6755

2. The Official Facebook Page for the Alamance County Board of Elections!

This is an information page. This page is where you’ll be able to find the latest information from our Board of Elections. This is not the place to discuss political issues or candidates. Please review their rules, posted on the page before interacting.

Look for this banner


Alamance County Voting Locations for November 3, 2020 Temporary and Permanent Changes

Eight precincts in Alamance County are going to change the location of their polling places for in person voting on November 3, 2020. Find your precinct HERE and see if your precinct is one of those affected below.

  • Albright Precinct Southern High School, 631 Southern High School Rd, Graham Temporary- COVID Location
  • Central Boone Trinity Worship Center, 3157 S. Church Street, Burlington Permanent – New Location
  • Boone 5 Elon Elementary School, 720 Walker Rd, Elon Temporary- COVID Location
  • South Graham South Graham Elementary, 320 Ivey Rd, Graham Temporary- COVID Location
  • Haw River Haw River Elementary School, 701 E Main St, Haw River Temporary- COVID Location
  • North Melville E.M. Yoder Elementary, 301 N Charles St, Mebane Temporary- COVID Location
  • Melville 4  Old Mebane Recreation Center, 209 W Jackson St, Mebane Permanent – New Location
  • Morton Western Middle School, 2100 Eldon Dr, Elon Temporary- COVID Location

4. Alamance County needs election workers for the 2020 Elections!

Wondering what you can do to help ensure local elections meet the challenges of this health crisis?

Check this link to the Alamance County Election Official Application. We especially need elections workers during the 17-day early voting period. We have a new early voting location at the Elmira Community Center in Burlington and we have newly expanded weekend voting, including Sunday voting. This means we need more elections workers than in the past. And the COVID virus has meant that many of our predominantly older elections workers who are more vulnerable have chosen not to return to work this year’s election.You can also fill out the NC State Board of Elections Democracy Heroes form to be contacted by BOE staff:

It’s Getting Late to Vote by Absentee Ballot. Please Consider Early & One Stop Voting.

If you are voting by absentee ballot please make plans to deliver it in person to the Alamance Board of Elections at 115 South Maple St, Graham

Get Your Absentee Ballot Now!!!


Call Alamance Board of Elections for an“Absentee Ballot Request Form” at 336- 570-6755

  • Complete request form immediately upon receipt.
  • Return electronically, by mail or take to Alamance Board ofElections at 115 S. Maple Street, Graham from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.
  • Mail out of ballots began SEPTEMBER 4.
  • Complete Ballot ASAP upon Receipt.
  • Follow Instructions Very Carefully. HERE
  • Make Sure You Have One Witness.
  • Make Certain Envelope Certification is Signed!
  • Return completed ballot to Alamance Board of Elections by mail or in person ( No Drop Boxes in NC)
  • If mailing your ballot use the NCBoE tracking tool BallotTrax HERE

Nervous About Voting Absentee? FAQs HERE

What is Power of the Pen?

We just need to send out a few more letters to meet our goal!

The Power of the Pen is a persuasion and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort in which Democratic women are writing personalized letters to registered Democratic women who are sporadic in their voting habits and need to hear from regular votes like you about the importance of this election. Sign up to write 20 letters to fellow Democratic women in Alamance County and encourage them to vote in this essential election year.

Sign Up Here

Click the sign up link or email

Make Your Community Your Priority

Make Your Plan to VOTE!

Information HERE

Candidate Information Here

99 Reasons to Flip NC


In response to widespread mass shootings, Gov. Cooper and Democrats in the NCGA have proposed several common-sense gun policies, including banning bump stocks, requiring a background check to purchase an assault-style weapon, and red-flag gun legislation (#77). Similar legislation has been enacted on a bipartisan basis in many other states; yet, the NC GOP refuses to consider even the most widely supported ideas for reducing gun violence and instead is singularly focused on pushing guns into every public space, including public schools and churches (#69).

Change is coming to Alamance

We have a real opportunity to change leadership in our state and in the country   Every vote we turn out for Democrats increases the likelihood that we will take back the White House and add a Democratic Senator to Congress. 

Be Part of It!

Contact :

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