ACDP News September 16, 2020

47 Days Until Election Day

Mobile & Print List of 2020 Democratic Candidates HERE

PUBLIC SCHOOL FORUM: Legislature falls short of promised sound basic education for all

The following statement was issued by the Public School Forum of North Carolina following adjournment of the General Assembly last week.

The General Assembly approved measures and appropriated additional federal and state COVID relief funds to public schools across North Carolina, providing some additional, much-needed resources at a time of unprecedented upheaval. The Forum has shared the data on and emphasized the voices of our district leaders on the importance of schools having the budgets that they were expecting to have this year, as well as additional funds to support COVID-19 related expenses and broadband infrastructure across the state.

These immediate actions are essential for meeting the needs of our students and the inequities exacerbated by COVID-19 only amplify the importance of the need for further and deeper investments in our public schools. The legislative action taken that holds local school budgets harmless for enrollment declines experienced during the 2020-21 school year is critical for the continued operations of our schools and the success of our students.

But at a time when adequate and equitable funding for public schools is more critical than ever, the legislation passed also includes policy changes that divert funding away from public schools through the expansion of the Opportunity Scholarship Program and two other voucher programs, which is likely to hinder the state’s ability to meet its constitutional obligation to ensure every child in North Carolina has access to a sound basic education.

Importantly, during the same week, Judge David Lee adopted a 2021 plan for North Carolina to take initial steps toward meeting this constitutional obligation as upheld by the Leandro litigation.  This plan requires significant investments in teacher preparation and compensation, high-quality early childhood education programs, turnaround programs for low-performing schools and districts, and a retooled school finance model that more equitably and adequately distributes public dollars to public schools.  The legislation that was passed provides important and necessary supports for schools this year, but does not address the specific needs identified in Leandro.

As we look ahead, the General Assembly has the opportunity — and, in fact, an obligation — to take a more comprehensive approach to ensuring our state’s children continue along a path toward prosperity that North Carolina’s economy can enjoy in the years to come.

The roadmap has been provided — and the answer is investing in public education. North Carolina was ranked 48th in the nation on per-pupil spending when adjusted for regional cost differences and 49th in the nation on actual funding effort. Thus, our state can and must do better for our students and our economy.

This global pandemic has laid bare the significant structural inequities that so many of our children already face on a daily basis — especially those who are black and brown and live under the scourge of systemic racism, those with learning differences, those who live in rural areas, English language learners and those who live in low-income households.

These inequities have and will continue to become even greater during this enormously challenging time. It is incumbent upon the leaders of our great state to ensure that these inequities are faced head-on, and with the Leandro plan adopted by the North Carolina court system, we look forward to our governor, our State Board of Education, and our General Assembly working together to ensure that every child is provided with a sound basic education.

Poll Observers Needed

The Alamance County Democratic Party alongside NCDP and Biden/Harris Coordinated Campaign is recruiting poll observers to help monitor and report on possible irregularities at polling locations. This is different from poll greeting in that poll observers are there to record and report and help protect all voters. Trainings will be provided as well as PPE (masks, gloves, sanitation stations).If you are interested. Click here: you have any questions, you can contact: Ernest Lewis, Jr., 3rd-Vice Chair. (; (336) 525-5442)

2020 Really is Our Unprecedented Opportunity to Elect a Better State & Local Government.

Our Candidates for the Alamance Board of County Commissioners

We’ve all had a birds-eye view of the weaknesses of our current commissioners. We can and must do better. And we can with these three. Better together!

Information about our Candidates for County Board of Commissioners HERE

Our Candidates for Alamance School Board

There are four open seats on the Alamance County School Board and we have eight great candidates.

Candidate information HERE

North Carolina General Assembly

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to vote for Ricky and some of us are lucky enough to be able to vote for Eric

Which District are you in? HERE

and we’re all lucky enough to be able to Vote for JD Wooten

Information about all our candidates for the NC Legislature HERE

JD Wooten for NC Senate

Don’t Forget the Judges!

For more information about our candidates click HERE

If you want to vote for Barrett you have to vote the WHOLE ballot.

Soil & Water Conservation is the last office listed.

Sample Ballot for District 63

Sample Ballot for District 64

Yard Signs & Bumper Stickers are Here!

Biden Cooper Cunningham Beasley

Order Yard Signs HERE

Thank you for choosing to purchase your 2020 election swag from the Alamance County Democratic Party! All items are being offered in exchange for a suggested donation to the party to help us in meeting our needs and supporting local candidates in this vital election.

Suggested Donation $10.00

Suggested Donation $5.00

Suggested Donation $5.00

Suggested Donation $5.00

Suggested Donation $5.00

Candidate Bumper Stickers

Order Stickers HERE

Stickers are large, 4in X 6in ovals

Suggested Donation


Suggested Donation


Suggested Donation


Tonight Yvonne Holley!


Join our Council of State candidates on their virtual tour across North Carolina!

As North Carolina’s executive branch of government, the Council of State makes incredibly important decisions that affect the prosperity, safety, and future of our state every day. That’s why Democrats are fighting to send our strong slate of candidates to office. They are committed to fighting for a happier, healthier, and more prosperous North Carolina for everyone.

We have your chance to meet the candidates and learn more about their platforms during our Council of State Town Hall Series! Scroll down to register for any/all of them today and get ready to learn more about the importance of these offices! SIGN UP HERE

Make Your Plan to VOTE!

Information HERE


Alamance County Voting Locations for November 3, 2020 Temporary and Permanent Changes

Eight precincts in Alamance County are going to change the location of their polling places for in person voting on November 3, 2020. Find your precinct HERE and see if your precinct is one of those affected below.

  • Albright Precinct Southern High School, 631 Southern High School Rd, Graham Temporary- COVID Location
  • Central Boone Trinity Worship Center, 3157 S. Church Street, Burlington Permanent – New Location
  • Boone 5 Elon Elementary School, 720 Walker Rd, Elon Temporary- COVID Location
  • South Graham South Graham Elementary, 320 Ivey Rd, Graham Temporary- COVID Location
  • Haw River Haw River Elementary School, 701 E Main St, Haw River Temporary- COVID Location
  • North Melville E.M. Yoder Elementary, 301 N Charles St, Mebane Temporary- COVID Location
  • Melville 4  Old Mebane Recreation Center, 209 W Jackson St, Mebane Permanent – New Location
  • Morton Western Middle School, 2100 Eldon Dr, Elon Temporary- COVID Location

Vote the Whole Slate! Virtual Gala


AT 6:30 PM – 8 PM

To make real progress in North Carolina, we can’t just win at the top of the ticket — we need to elect Democrats across our entire state! That’s why we are hosting our first-ever 𝑉𝑜𝑡𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑊ℎ𝑜𝑙𝑒 𝑆𝑙𝑎𝑡𝑒 Virtual Gala.

Get your tickets today to hear from special guests Governor Roy Cooper, Candidate for US Senate Cal Cunningham, and Chief Justice Cheri Beasley:  Tickets HERE

Multi-Party Assistance Team

The Board of Elections is looking for folks to be part of Multi-Party Assistance Team (MAT). This is the team that goes into assisted living facilities and nursing homes to help people vote. The Board of Elections is looking for some Democratic help. Teams are composed of both Democrats and Republicans.

Contact the Alamance Board of Elections for details 337 570 6755

Candidate Information Here

Make Your Community Your Priority

We can change the face of our state & local government.

We Are Stronger Together!

99 Reasons to Flip NC


Despite a surge, women currently make up only 26% of our representation in the NCGA. In 2018, Democratic women flipped seven seats in the NCGA, and there are many outstanding progressive women running in the most competitive races in the NC House and NC Senate in 2020, providing a chance to sharply increase the number of women in the NCGA and build a bigger bench of experienced female leaders for future statewide races.

One Stop & Early Voting Poll Greeters

Please sign up to do No Contact Poll Greeting for Early Voting!

We are lucky to have five One Stop & Early Voting locations this year:

Holly Hill Mall

Kernodle Senior Activities Center

Elmira Community Center

Alamance County Office Annex Bldg., Graham

Mebane Arts Center, Mebane

Please feel free to contact Michelle if you have any questions on how we will be ensuring no contact. If you can only do a partial shift, please let me know and I may be able to find someone to cover the rest of the time.

What is Power of the Pen?


Since we announced our Power of the Pen Campaign last month, we have had almost 80 volunteers and 1,600 letters have been assigned! AMAZING! Thank you volunteers!!
We still need your help! We still have 400 left to be assigned. These are 400 women in Alamance county who are registered democrats, who need encouragement to go vote. Let’s get them out to vote! Every vote counts this election! 

The Power of the Pen is a persuasion and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort in which Democratic women are writing personalized letters to registered Democratic women who are sporadic in their voting habits and need to hear from regular votes like you about the importance of this election. Sign up to write 20 letters to fellow Democratic women in Alamance County and encourage them to vote in this essential election year.

Click the sign up link or email

Sign Up Here

Get Your Absentee Ballot Now!!!



Call Alamance Board of Elections for an

“Absentee Ballot Request Form”

336- 570-6755

1-Complete request form immediately upon receipt.
2-Return electronically, by mail or take to Alamance Board of
Elections at 115 S. Maple Street, Graham from 8 AM to 5
PM Monday through Friday.
3-Mail out of ballots starts SEPTEMBER 4.
4-Complete Ballot ASAP upon Receipt.
a. Follow Instructions Very Carefully. HERE
b. Make Sure You Have One Witness.
c. Make Certain Envelope Certification is Signed!

d. Return completed ballot to Alamance Board of Elections by mail or in person ( No Drop Boxes in NC)

Nervous About Voting Absentee? FAQs HERE

Change is coming to Alamance

Be Part of It!

Contact :

$20 for 2020

Help the Democratic Women of Alamance County Honor and celebrate the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment by donating $20 for 2020, the 100 year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which guaranteed and protected women’s constitutional right to vote.  Donate Here

Wondering what you can do to help ensure local elections meet the challenges of this health crisis?

Alamance County needs election workers for the 2020 Elections!

Check this link to the Alamance County Election Official Application. We especially need elections workers during the 17-day early voting period. We have a new early voting location at the Elmira Community Center in Burlington and we have newly expanded weekend voting, including Sunday voting. This means we need more elections workers than in the past. And the COVID virus has meant that many of our predominantly older elections workers who are more vulnerable have chosen not to return to work this year’s election.

You can also fill out the NC State Board of Elections Democracy Heroes form to be contacted by BOE staff:

Join Our ACDP Voter Outreach Team!

Be a part of our Voter Outreach team and commit to helping your friends and neighbors get out the vote this election! In exchange for your generous donation, ACDP is offering these high-quality shirts to anyone interested in helping us get our message out that Your Vote Does Count! 2020 will be a pivotal election year and one of our top goals is ensuring that all individuals who have the right to vote can and will use it. Donate Here!

Proud Alamance Democrat Yard Signs

Stand up and stand out as a Proud Alamance County Democrat. We’re working for a better more inclusive Alamance for everyone. Order your sign Here Guidelines for political signs HERE

It’s Going to Take All of Us

Volunteer today!

There is a job that is just right for you!

Contact :

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