ACDP News June 19, 2020

136 Days to Election Day

Happy Juneteenth!

Why Juneteenth Matters

It was black Americans who delivered on Lincoln’s promise of “a new birth of freedom.”

Opinion Columnist NYT,  Jamelle Bouie Article HERE

Our Candidates for County Board of County Commissioners

Learn more about Kristen Powers Bob Byrd and Dreama Caldwell HERE

Our candidates spent a good part of Thursday preparing and then delivering gift bags to essential workers in east Burlington. As Dreama Caldwell says “Just doing a little to thank all the essential workers for providing in this pandemic. Thank you to all that helped make the bags even more special. We made stops at Dollar Tree, Food Lion, Roses, and Dollar General in the East Burlington area. Thanks to all the essential workers! We are in this together!!!”

ACDP Billboard

As of this morning your generous donations are already at $750!

The ACDP Marketing Committee the has been working to develop a strategy that we believe will raise the profile of Alamance Democrats and help us get the voter turnout we have to get. The Marketing Committee has selected a design that we feel captures who we are and what we value. We’ve got a billboard located on Interstate 40/85 between Exits 145 and 147 picked out that we think will allow us to reach as many potential 2020 voters as possible. now all we need to do is raise some money! Our goal is to fund the entire cost of the $3400 billboard through your generous donations. Please consider donating to this fund, as we believe we have a solid plan to make your dollars reach the most voters and potential voters possible. We’ve been too quiet it’s time to make some noise! Donate HERE

Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment

$20 for 2020

Help the Democratic Women of Alamance County Honor and celebrate the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment by donating $20 for 2020, the 100 year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which guaranteed and protected women’s constitutional right to vote.  Donate Here

Absentee Voting

Here is a link to request an absentee ballot form in North Carolina.  It is not too early to do this. You can also call our local Board of Elections at (336)570-6755 and request that they send you an absentee ballot request form.  Or, if you’d like to check your registration status or register to vote the Times News has this nifty little page. HERE


Council of State

Elaine Marshall NC Secretary of State

Elaine Marshall was the first woman elected to statewide office in 1996 when she was elected Secretary of State. During her tenure, she has overhauled the office and has made it easier to do business in North Carolina. 

Elaine is one of our hardest working and most respected elected officials, and we need to keep her as our Secretary of State.

Learn more about Elaine HERE

Wondering what you can do to help ensure local elections meet the challenges of this health crisis?

Give your time at Election time.

Finding election workers is always a challenge and in this election the civic-minded seniors that usually fill these positions should get to sit this one out if they have health concerns. Early Voting workers especially work long days and a couple of long weeks. So if you want more weekend hours for Alamance County voters, giving your time to staff those hours is a great way to help. Also, these are paid positions.

More Information HERE

Proud Alamance Democrat Yard Signs

Stand up and stand out as a Proud Alamance County Democrat. We’re working for a better more inclusive Alamance for everyone. Join the movement!

Order your sign Here

Maryanne & Bill Shanahan two of our super ACDP volunteers.

It’s Going to take All of Us

Volunteer today!

There is a job that is just right for you!

Contact :

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