Board of Elections Budget

Alamance County Commissioners voted 4 to 1 last night to put necessary elections money in the Board of Election’s (BOE) actual budget, and not hold it in their “designated fund balance” as the County Manager had recommended. We are glad the majority of Commissioner listened to the hundreds of Alamance County voters who called, emailed, and made public comments at the Commissioner’s meeting.

The County Manager’s recommendation that the County should keep a quarter of a million dollars or 30% of the County’s election budget in a contingency fund just did not make sense. The BOE budget should not serve as a funding cushion for the County, even during a revenue crisis. Together we reminded the Commissioners that safe, secure, and accessible elections require adequate, dedicated funding. 

The Commissioner’s vote for a funding commitment to the BOE also shows the confidence they have in Director Kathy Holland and her staff, who have always managed to stretch staff, money, and resources while still responsibly conducting local elections.

Together we made sure that during a time of unprecedented uncertainty, the voters in Alamance County can continue to have confidence in our local elections.

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