ACDP News June 10, 2020

Protect the Vote!

Alamance County Board of Elections Meeting

Thank you to everyone who made the time to send in comments of support to the Board of Elections. The Board expressed gratitude for the support in during the meeting yesterday. They received 80 comments in support.

Please check back in the next couple of days as we develop a message that conveys the our concerns to the County Commissioners.

Our efforts to protect the vote are not over yet.

The Alamance County Board of Commissioners will meet on Monday at 7pm , in the Historic Court House. The Agenda the link to sign up to speak HERE

Alamance Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

Congratulations and thank you to Yvette Gaboury

Yvette says “I’m honored and so super proud to have been given the opportunity to represent our County and be a local voice for Biden.”

Yvette was chosen by the NC Democratic Party to be one of 12 Latinos in the state to represent NC as an At Large Alternate Delegate to the National Convention and was chosen by the Biden campaign and pledged her vote to Biden.

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