State Convention Saturday!

Join North Carolina Democrats for our virtual State Convention on Saturday, June 6th πŸ’»πŸŽŠ Visit to register!

Our candidates for Alamance Board of County Commissioners

Kristen Powers

Bob Byrd

Dreama Caldwell

We can have a Board of County Commissioners that will work to improve the lives of ALL people in Alamance County . We have 3 teriffic candidates and there are three open seats in 2020. Learn more about our candidates HERE

Are you a Proud Alamance Democrat?

Stand up and stand out as a Proud Alamance County Democrat. We’re working for a better more inclusive Alamance for everyone. Join the movement!

Order your sign Here

Guidelines for political signs HERE

Absentee Voting

It is definitely not too early to start planning how to vote in the 2020 election.

Here is a link to request an absentee ballot form in North Carolina.  It is not too early to do this.

You can also call our local Board of Elections at (336)570-6755 and request that they send you an absentee ballot request form.  Do it today!

If you’d like to check you registration status or register to vote the TimesNews has this nifty little page. HERE

Jenna Wadsworth – Commissioner of Agricuulture

We’ll be posting information about all the candidates for the Councel of State offices so that everyone knows a little more about who these people are and what they are advocating for. We think you’ll be impressed and encouraged. Here’s a video of Jenna Wadsworth who is certainly prepared to break the mold of Agriculture Commissioner in North Carolina! For more information about Jenna click HERE


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