Testing, Trends, and Tracing-COVID-19.

Join us as we speak about COVID-19 in North Carolina featuring Aimy Steele (House District 82), Ricky Hurtado (House District 63), & Donna Lake (Senate District 7). Testing, Trends, and Tracing.

JD Wooten, NC Senate 24

This Virtual Event is on June 3, 2020 at 6:00 with NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley and NC Attorney General Josh Stein. This election determines who draws the electoral maps for the next decade, we need to pick up at least 5 seats for a majority, and SD-24 was the 3rd closest race that did not flip in 2018. Simply put, Democrats need SD-24 to take the NC Senate majority in 2020, and we need your support to make that happen!

Register Here

Are you a Proud Alamance Democrat?

Here’s our terrific candidate for Alamance County Board of Commissioner Dreama Caldwell with her yard sign.

In her own words: Being elected as the first black woman to the Alamance County Board of Commissioners is important to me. “When you don’t see yourself you feel invisible.”

Government should be a reflection of the people it serves. Poor, working class, homeless, LGBTQ, black and brown communities all deserve a seat at the tables when discussing issues within our county. Hearing from various lenses and experiences is important.

Order your Sign HERE

Representation is as important to the present as it is to the future. Voting for me for County Commissioners is a sign of change and inspires black, brown children and all girls to be whatever they want to be, even a politician!

I’ve always wanted to be a politican and lawyer, neither of which I thought was possible. Growing up I didn’t known any black politicians and just within the last few years met black women lawyers.

I have been told that I’m not the typical politician because of my lack of political experience. However my lived experience with public housing, EBT, Medicaid, WIC, criminal justice system and even homelessness can not be learned in school. Although not typical, neither has my path to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

I have allowed the fact that I lacked political experience, the education degrees, money and even my race to keep me stagnant for far too many years. I decided to stop wishing for change and become a part of the changes I wanted to see happen. So, after years of community service and organizing, I decided to enter the crowded county commissioner race. Thankfully with your support I won in the primaries to become 1 of 3 Democratic candidates for county commission.

I continue to ask for your help, support and vote to become the 1st Black Woman to gain a seat ( 3 seats will be open) on the Alamance County Commissioner Board. Can I count on your vote in the General Election on November 3, 2020?
Would you donate today to show you’re standing in solidarity with us ?
Only Alamance County citizens can cast their vote for me but donations can be given from anywhere in the country. Let’s break barriers together and show that #representationmatters. Dreama J. Caldwell for Alamance County Commissioner 2020

ABSS May 2020 Meeting

There was a lot of agenda to cover in the recent Board of Education meeting. View the replay below to hear conversations about budgets, 2020-2021 calendars, transfers, and more. â¬‡ï¸

Join North Carolina Democrats for our virtual State Convention on Saturday, June 6th 💻🎊 Visit to register!

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